What if you could know with absolute certainty who you are?
What if you could know with absolute certainty what your big mission is in the world?

Could knowing that clarify what you really want and how to get it?

What if you could know with absolute certainty what your clients and staffs missions
are in life?

Do you think that would help have a successful business and you make more money?

Do you think you would be able to have better relationships both personally and in your business?

Do you think you would enjoy your life more and have better health?

The Rhys Method® Life Purpose Profiles are a system of doing just that.

Mastering the Life Purpose Profiles will move you beyond what all other self awareness programs have taught to date. AND ITS EASY!

The Rhys Method® Life Purpose Profiles will give you the most powerful tool
available to live your life purpose and also inspire others to live theirs.

Do the following sound familiar?

I could have never had the courage to open my school if I had not gotten the clarity of purpose and direction that I am a "Creative Teacher" from knowing my profiles. Not knowing who I was made me live in fear and scarcity. Living that way made me stay in a job and relationships for 25 years that were unhealthy for me. The courage to make real and lasting change comes from a deep felt unbendable sense of self.

Now I get to teach people every day in the Rhys Thomas Institute of Energy Medicine and through the Rhys Method® Profile Assessment and DVD product, I can show you how to find that unbendable profile quality in you that feels your deepest sense of purpose in every moment.

Not everyone is here to run a big business or take over a small country or win an Olympic medal. Many are here to be caring and supportive of others and work with small groups, or to show the power of love and compassion one person at a time, or bring new ideas and ingenuity to old stuck patterns in the world.

What are you here to do, start, build, find?

Each person is part of a tribe of people who are born to live a life purpose of feeling, creating, caretaking, achieving, or leading. These are the five basic human traits. All are equally essential in the world now more than ever!

If you are like me, and have played small or tried to be someone who everyone will like, rather than who you really are (which everyone will love!), you know the greatest suffering a soul can endure is a life without a deep sense of purpose.

Learn the profile system, apply it to every aspect of your life and step into a deeply fulfilling life!

Because, think about it....

What if other people could see your true unbending commitment to your highest purpose? Do you think that might be good for business? I have gone from working with small groups in local workshops to running a state certified institute that connects with thousands of people every year sharing my message and changing lives.

Do you think others would trust you, be loyal customers, and recommend you to others if you were not able to support them in seeing their greatness and being more successful?

Is it possible that you would have better friends and just maybe attract your soul mate if you were clear as to whom you are and what kind of people you are here to serve and partner with?

Just maybe if you had all that, do you think you would have better health and wellbeing that gives you the energy to enjoy your life, family, and business more every day?

You know the answer...


Do you think you would sleep better at night?

You bet!

This system is easy to understand and moves beyond all other systems of self awareness and development. Past system can be complicated and non-intuitive where who you are is a number, or set of letters.

The profiles are the people you interact with every day and have real names. You will literally be able to start applying it to yourself and those you know within days!

The Five Primary Profiles Are:

Not knowing your Life Purpose is at epidemic proportions in the world! Where do you start to find the solution if you can't come to the Rhys Thomas Institute of Energy Medicine?

The Rhys Method® Life Purpose Profile DVD, Audio, and "Missing Link" Book!

This program is the first step in being able to apply the profiles to your life, you family and your business!

As you master them you will awaken the clarity and direction that opens you to the courage and energy to see that direction is pointing you toward financial security and a career you are proud of, better relationships both personally and in your business, and better health.